What Makes Biologic Restorative Processes Better:

Our restorative processes integrate the best biological dental practices including the use of sedative fillings, silver nitrate, platelet rich fibrin (PRF), and ozone. We are extremely conscientious about doing our best to keep as much of your original tooth structure as possible. Nothing is better than your original teeth and every dentist should go out of their way to try and save as many teeth as possible. Unfortunately, most dentists work on volume and aren’t as interested as our office is in saving your tooth structure.

But, there does come a time when more invasive procedures are necessary. It happens. And when it does, we make sure that the materials that go in your mouth are as biocompatible as possible and look as close to the original tooth as possible.

We also are sensitive to your biocompatibility needs. We can have a lab run tests on what materials you may have an allergic reaction to. We can also replace metal restorations with ceramic. Let us know if you have any concerns about the metal that may already be in your mouth. This is a metal-free office, so we place zero metal anything.

Restorative Procedures in a Biologic Office

PORCELAIN CROWNS:  All of our porcelain crowns are completely non-metal. We use the best labs that provide the best results in terms of longevity, fit, and color. Our labs can custom fit your shade to match your existing teeth so they fit in seamlessly.

PORCELAIN ONLAYS:  Same as with our crowns, but usually to a lesser degree because an onlay, or inlay, is usually quite a bit smaller than a crown. But, if the onlay or inlay is in a visible part of the mouth, it will be shade matched to your teeth as well. The main difference between an onlay and an inay is that an onlay sits on the biting surface of your tooth, and an inlay does not.

CERAMIC FILLINGS:  We are one of the few offices in the Phoenix area that provides purely ceramic based fillings. Most offices use a resin, or even amalgam fillings, but like everything else we use in the office, we have chosen the most bio-compatible material for our patients.

SEDATIVE FILLINGS:  A sedative filling is a procedure where we are giving the tooth a chance to repair itself. The best medicine is sometimes letting our own bodies heal themselves. If successful, the cavity will be arrested and then a ceramic filling will be placed if necessary.

METAL IMPLANT REMOVAL: Metal implants are integrated into the bone, just like any other implant, but with the metal being so integrated into your mouth, serious issues of bio-compatibility can occur. Metal implants can also cause aesthetic problems when gum lines recede. If you want to switch to a ceramic implant, we can help.

METAL CROWN REMOVAL:  We believe in being metal free as much as possible. Metal crowns and metal infused crowns have bio-compatibility issues and can simply be unsightly. If you desire, we can remove the metal crowns and replace them with color matched ceramic versions.

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