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A Beautiful Smile Matters

While a great deal of our office's work goes toward restoring teeth and improving myofunctional behaviors, we strongly believe that aesthetics matter. If you have ever had an issue with a tooth and felt embarrassed about smiling, you know how it can affect your self worth. As we laid out in Our Philosophy, feeling good about yourself is a critical element in your over well-being and like always, we use the most bio-compatible materials and the most biologic methods possible

VENEERS:  Veneers are porcelain shells that are cemented onto the teeth that are visible. The underlying tooth's size is reduced so that the shell fits properly. The ceramic veneers  are lab made to color match your other teeth or veneers so your whole smile looks natural.

WHITENING:  We use the KOR whitening system exclusively. KOR whitening is the most natural tooth whitening system that actually gets you results. Our dentist has tested most other systems and has had the most patient satisfaction with KOR.


PRF MICRONEEDLING:  PRF microneedling injects your own PRF into wrinkle sites firming up your brow, crow's feet, and smile wrinkles. PRF is a much more natural alternative to botox.


PARTIAL DENTURE:  A partial denture is a purely aesthetic appliance that fills a gap of missing teeth. A partial denture is a more cost effective alternative to placing all implants, but it has practically no bite force.

ESSIX: These are two different types of aesthetic appliances. The Essix retainer is much like a clear aligner; but, it has a white material added to the space where a missing tooth is located. Usually implant patients will wear an essix retainer if they are having an implant placed where a visible tooth is located.

FLIPPER: A flipper is a false tooth denture. It is just a single tooth denture and since it is much like a partial denture, no real bite force can be applied to it.


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