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      When we started this practice, we thought of what we should call ourselves. When we bought the practice, it was called Integrative Dental Associates, but we found out that almost nobody knew what "integrative" meant. So we thought about the history of Biological Dentistry and about what we cared about. We thought about Dr. Amelia's roots and about what kind of service we strive to achieve. 

And then it came to us. Dr. Amelia's family is from Switzerland and the leader of biological dentistry is from Switzerland, so as an homage to our roots, we landed on Swiss Biologic Dentistry. We aim to bring the precision, professionalism, and practices from the leaders of dentistry in Switzerland to everyone here, in the United States.

And, it never hurts to think of the cool mountains in the middle of July out here in Phoenix! Welcome to our practice and welcome to your new dental home!


Original Red Swiss Flag.png

  Dr. Amelia 

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