Immediate Implants

This office is one of the very few in the Valley that offers same day implant placements. If you need an extraction and implant, most offices perform these procedures separately. That increases costs, pain, and wait times. Our Swiss based immediate implant placement protocols are on the cutting edge in the implant world. They get you healing faster while providing superior bone integration over other two-step procedures!

What are Dental Implants?

If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted or even a missing tooth, dental implants are by far the best option for you. A dental implant is as close to having your original tooth as you can get in terms of functionality, longevity, aesthetics, and bio-compatibility.

We only use 100% metal free ceramic zirconia implants and we can usually perform the procedure in one visit. If you are getting an extraction and then an implant, the procedure begins with the extraction of the tooth, then a blood draw, and perhaps a small amount of graft material from your jaw is placed  into the implant site. The implant is placed, sutured up, and the healing process begins. After about six months, the bone should integrate around the implant site and the crown and abutment will be ready to be placed. A little time, a couple of visits, and voila, a new tooth!

Functionality:  Implants allow for the maximum amount of normal biting and chewing force you can get from a restorative process. Upon integration, the implant is practically fused to your jaw bone. That process is called osseointegration. Because bone has literally grown around the implant to hold it in place, the implant will hold in place like a regular tooth for any normal biting and chewing. Implants do have crowns attached, so you still need to act like you would if a regular tooth had a crown on it, but you should notice almost no difference. The one major difference is that the implant is not heat, cold, or pressure sensitive since there is no nerve attached to it.

Longevity:  Current ceramic technology has come a long ways and current ceramic implants can last decades. In fact, they often have longer lifespans than the crowns. Remember, our implants and crowns are made of ceramic, so if you were to bite into something extremely hard like ice or hard candy, there is the chance of fracture. So please be careful and love your teeth like we do!

Aesthetics:  Ceramic implants definitely have a leg up on metal implants when it comes to aesthetics. Ceramic implants are essentially tooth colored, even though they aren’t specifically lab created for a particular shade. Metal implants are not, and you can often see the metal ring at the gum line. This is especially true the older you get as your gums recede more. The crown that sits on top of the implant will be like any other crown and a custom lab created shade will be done to match your other teeth.

Bio-compatibility:  This is a metal free office. All implanted metals corrode when in contact with biological fluids, releasing metal ions into the implant tissue thereby stimulating the immune system to trigger toxic, inflammatory, or allergic reactions with both local and systemic manifestations. Ceramics have been shown to integrate with few of the side effects caused by metal.

What Makes Dental Implants a Better Choice :

Preparing for Your Dental Implant Procedure:

Congratulations for choosing to get an implant or implants! To maximize the success of your procedure, you need to make sure your Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 levels are high. There are many supplements that combine the two.

These two Vitamins are critical for activating the calcium-binding actions of two proteins, matrix GLA protein and osteocalcin which aid in bone growth. You want to begin taking 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 and K2 to begin the bone growth process before the procedure so that the bone growth activation is already up and running at full steam from day 1. The implant procedure requires bone growth over the course of six months of heal time where you will need to continue taking Vitamin D3 and K2. That bone growth is the key to implant integration so keep taking those vitamins!

Ceramic Dental Implants

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Zeramax ceramic implant

A little information from the manufacturer of our Swiss implants:  The 100-percent metal-free ceramic implants closely approximate the natural tooth root in terms of aesthetics and function. They are well tolerated, are completely free of metallic corrosion, and conduct neither electricity nor heat. Titanium can release titanium ions, which accumulate in the surrounding soft tissue and can cause inflammation. Likewise, titanium’s resistance to corrosion can decrease due to surface bacteria. The use of metal-free ceramic implants precludes these effects.