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Tongue/Lip Ties

Sinus Lifts

We do not perform tongue and lip ties at the moment, but we wanted to include the information so that you may be aware that you or your child may have a tie; and, that we have great contacts around the valley who can handle the procedure for you.

Tongue Ties

A tongue-tie is where a semi-thick piece of tissue (lingual frenulum) connects the tongue to the jaw. Newborns often have a tongue-tie, which can cause problems with breast feeding. Additionally, tongue-ties may cause myofunctional issues with proper tongue placement and movement. Improper tongue placement may cause teeth misalignment and breathing issues.

Removing the tongue-tie is a simple surgical procedure called a frenotomy. The frenotomy involves either sterile scissors or a laser to snip the tissue. Healing is fairly quick and there is minimal pain and discomfort if done early.

Tongue Tie Lip Tie

Lip Ties

A lip-tie is much like a tongue-tie except that the tissue is under the upper lip. A lip-tie can cause issues with breast feeding for both mother and child. The lip-tie can make latching more difficult for the baby and more painful for the mother.

The treatment for a lip-tie is the same as with a tongue-tie.

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