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Ortho for Only a Few Teeth

Sometimes a patient has only a few teeth that need orthodontic movement. In those instances, we use what we call a limited orthodontic approach, focusing in on the few teeth that need to be moved.

Usually, the orthodontic treatment involves a set of adjacent teeth, like the upper rear, lower rear, or front teeth. Also, more than one section can be treated at one time. Depending on how many teeth and where they are located, a more comprehensive orthodontic treatment may be necessary.

Who is This For?

The most common patients are adults who only need a few teeth moved for purely aesthetic reasons and patients who are out of braces and have had their teeth shift. Our more comprehensive orthodontics address the root cause of post-treatment teeth drifting so we see much left drift than patients who had braces. Regardless if you had your original treatment with our office or not, you are welcome to come to us for solutions!

Limited Ortho Patient

The Advantages of Limited Ortho

Thee best advantage is time. It can take substantially less time to complete limited ortho, but of course each patient is different and the older one is, the longer it usually takes.


Limited ortho is also less expensive than more comprehensive treatments.

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