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No CEREC Crowns

Why only use Lab Designed crowns and restorations

CEREC crowns are fine. They're not great, they're not horrible, they're fine. But, we don't settle for fine here. We have made the conscious choice to only use lab made restorations because they're the best at what they do. The offices that use CEREC aren't labs, but they're almost forced to be one when they use the system. It's kind of like going to the best plumber in town, versus your cousin Dave.

How are Lab Designed crowns different that CEREC crowns?


As we mentioned earlier, the main difference is that your crown is being made by a specialist whose day in, day out job is making crowns. That is important because the lab design specialist is better at making an aesthetically pleasing crown that fits better. Our lab specialists make the most realistic looking crowns on the market. They know the tooth structure and what fine details need to be in the crown. The lab specialists is an expert at the 3D CAD/CAM software that is used when our office scans the crown site and sends the digital file over to the lab to create the crown.

Getting the fit right is also very important. While the digital scanner we employ works great, the lab still needs to use its judgment at certain manufacturing junctures in anticipation of getting the fit right. That takes experience and great amount of skill. CEREC offices would have to go through hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours of training to match what our lab specialists do. 

So why do people go with CEREC crowns? The main draw to CEREC crowns is that they can be milled at the dental office while you wait. It usually takes 2+ hours to design and mill a single crown, and hopefully that office has the shade that matches your teeth. CEREC crowns can often be cheaper, but they're cheaper because they're not as good. Dental offices that employ CEREC technology have not magically figured out how to create a superior crown at a cheaper price!

We understand that there is a customer out there who is looking for the cheapest option. But, we're only concerned with quality. Our crowns look better, fit better, and last longer. The real question is, is it really cheaper if you have to keep getting your crowns remade because the quality was low? We think not.

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