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The Biologic Ortho Difference

Orthodontics has moved far beyond braces. The goals of orthodontics these days is more than just straight teeth, it is about changing the structure of how you eat and how you breathe. The best part is that if you can change the way you or your child eats and breathes, through what we like to call 'Biologic Ortho', the teeth become straight almost automatically.

To get the best results of our Biologic Ortho program, we often end up using a range of different appliances customized to you or your child's situation. That level of customization is critical in providing the highest level results and the most natural of results. Every person is unique, and so are our treatments.

Additionally, we are very happy to introduce our high capacity digital scanner. We have almost completely eliminated the need for those goopy impressions which can be incredibly uncomfortable. Learn more about our scanner in the link to the right. 

We also offer other orthodontics to address issues like sleep apnea, clenching and grinding, and minor cosmetic adjustments.

MYOBRACEMyobrace works differently than Healthy Start, even though the appliances look fairly similar. The Myobrace program works by training the lip and tongue muscles to work properly. The effects of proper muscle training is quite remarkable. 

HEALTHY START:  The Healthy Start program is our preferred program for our youngest patients. Creating positive myofunctional habits is always easier the younger the patient is     and Healthy Start is built around that premise. Most young patients can begin with the Healthy Start program immediately, but a portion will need to use expanders first.

EXPANDERS:  Crowding is one of the most common problems ortho is used to correct for. Expanders do exactly that. Expanders work by expanding the palatal or mandibular suture, thus actually creating more space in the mouth. That extra space shows up between the teeth. For a lot of people, this is step one before either the Healthy Start or Myobrace programs can begin.

SLEEP APPLIANCES:  Sleep appliances, or mandibular advancement appliances, actually push the lower jaw forward to create a larger airway passage, thus allowing more oxygen into the lungs to reduce sleep apnea. This same appliance can also work to alleviate snoring.

CLENCHING & GRINDING:  Clenching and grinding is a problem that shows up after damage has been done to the teeth. Severe clenching and grinding can cause excessive tooth wear, chipping, cracking, and even fractures. Our occlusal guard prevents clenching and grinding at night.


LIMITED ORTHO:  Limited ortho means ortho work that only involves a few teeth, maybe even just one. These are special situations and the treatment is very specific to exactly which tooth, or teeth, need realignment.


CLEAR ALIGNERS:  Clear aligners are mainly used for minor aesthetic adjustments. These are not used for major orthodontic work as they don't correct the habits that cause the myofunctional issues in the first place.

Orthodontic Patient

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