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PRF Microneedling

Partial Denture

Essix / Flipper

Essix Appliance

An essix appliance is a purely aesthetic tooth liner that we usually use for the spaces left during the healing process in a dental implant procedure. There is a six month healing process where the implant must integrate into the bone. During that period of time, the tooth will be missing. The essix appliance is a clear bio-liner that has either a resin or other tooth-colored enamel 'painted' into space where the tooth would have been.

We can also make an essix appliance for people who want a simple aesthetic fix without going through other treatment options. The essix appliance is only a cosmetic fix and should not really be used while eating.


A flipper is another purely aesthetic treatment for people missing a single tooth. The flipper is essentially a one-tooth denture that attaches to the gums just like a denture. The denture tooth looks very realistic, but it lacks any functionality so you cannot eat and chew with it.

Essix and Flipper Patient
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