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Silver Nitrate
Silver Nitrate Molecule

What is Silver Nitrate Therapy (AgNO3)

Silver Nitrate therapy is a non-invasive application of liquid silver nitrate

directly on the cavity site. Silver nitrate is only used on decay itself. The

silver in the silver nitrate arrests the growth of the bacteria that causes

the cavity. 


How is Silver Nitrate Used?

Silver Nitrate's application on the cavity site does not cure the cavity, per se, but it does arrest the growth of the bacteria that causes the cavity and gives the body time to repair the tooth naturally. Most people are not aware that the body can actually heal cavities on its own. This usually works for smaller cavities, but we will also try on larger ones as well to halt as much decay as possible.


We believe that where the body can heal itself, it should be given an opportunity to do so. Silver nitrate works quite often, but not always, and in those cases, we will proceed with a filling.


How is Silver Nitrate Applied?


Silver nitrate is is usually applied with a brush on the cavity site. 

Patient Benefits:


  • Stops dental decay on its own

  • Diminishes heat and cold sensitivity

  • Reduces need for more invasive dental procedures


The earliest use of silver to treat disinfectants comes from China in 1500 BC. Yes, BC!  There is even evidence that the Druids used silver leaf to dress wounds even earlier than that.

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