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Why Our Surgical Procedures are Better

Surgical procedures in our biological office differ than a regular general dentist's office in several important ways. Our treatments incorporate a range of natural procedures like ozone therapy, use of PRF, and natural bone grafting, to achieve top results for our patients.


Surgical procedures are the most exacting part of what we do, and it takes great skill and care to achieve your best results. So, you should choose carefully when deciding on what office to have your work done in.

EXTRACTIONS:  Sometimes a tooth goes bad and you need to have it removed. Some  offices will try to 'save' the tooth by performing a root canal but we do not perform root canals since, at this point, the tooth is essentially dead and full of bacteria. Our comprehensive extraction protocol removes the tooth, the connective tissue, and all necrosis in the area. Additionally, our protocol uses ozone therapy to destroy any remaining bad bacteria.

CAVITATIONS:  Cavitation surgery involves cleaning out the sites of previously extracted teeth, usually the wisdom teeth. A biopsy of the cavitation site is sent to a lab to determine if there is any disease or infection at the site.

IMPLANTS:  You can read more about implants under our 'implants tab'. Our non-metal ceramic implants can usually be placed immediately after an extraction. The diseased or dead tooth is removed, ozone therapy is used to treat the open socket, then bone grafting material and PRF is placed into the socket site. The implant is then screwed into place. For the next six months, bone will heal around the implant until it is integrated completely and ready for a crown.

TONGUE TIE:  A tongue tie is where the tissue underneath the tongue, is too tight. That can cause issues with tongue mobility, myofunctionality, speech, and the ability for a baby to breast feed.


LIP TIE:  A lip tie is very similar to the tongue tie in that a tissue, this time under the upper lip, is too tight. A lip tie can also cause issues with facial development and speech.


SINUS LIFT:  Sinus lifts are used during implant procedures where there is not enough bone for the implant to be seated into. When that occurs, the sinus must be lifted and either bone grafting or PRF material will be inserted to increase the amount of bone. This procedure is usually done at the same time as the implant procedure, but sometimes must be done beforehand to allow for adequate healing.

Holistic Dental Patient

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3rd Party Anesthesiology Services Available:  While we do not perform anesthetic procedures ourselves, we have found a mobile dental anesthesiologist that can perform full sedation services at our offices. We can happily make the arrangements for you if you would like. The anesthesiologist's fees would be paid to him directly. 

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