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I Should See My Dentist About My Sleep Issues?

YES! Getting a good night's rest is critical to long term health and if you are having difficulty falling asleep or getting good, restful sleep, we may be able to help. One of the most important aspects of sleeping involves getting sufficient air while you sleep. We have a range of appliances that actually change the airway passages, allowing for maximal air intake. A couple of our appliances have orthodontic applications as well, but opening up the air passages remains a critical component.

If you are having sleep issues and you think it may be related to breathing issues, you should contact us right away. You may also want to get a sleep test performed to make sure you do not have more serious issues.

SLEEP APNEA APPLIANCE: Sleep apnea is a potentially very serious issue where breathing starts and stops during the night. The sleep apnea appliance is a small appliance that fits entirely in the mouth. I has a series of different strength bands you can use that push the mandible forward. This is often called mandibular advancement therapy. If you push your jaw back into your mouth, you can see how it blocks off the air. Moving the jaw forward opens up the airway.

NIGHT GUARD APPLIANCE:  If you are a clench and grinder, the effect on your teeth can be extremely harmful. You may not even realize it as most clench and grinders do so while sleeping. If you do notice you are having problems with your teeth due to wear, sensitivity, or small fractures, you should come in for a consult about a night guard appliance. A night guard is exactly what it says, it protects your teeth at night, when you need it most.

HEALTHY START:  The Healthy Start program is an orthodontic program for children. The main goals of Healthy Start are to train your tongue how to rest and sit properly, which in turn helps the child to breathe easier and more naturally.  Healthy Start also helps with crowding; an expander appliance may also need to be used.

MYOBRACE:  This program is available to older children and adults. It is a series of appliances that gradually expand the palate or mandible to create more room in the mouth. The expansion in the mouth, as well as the training exercises work to open up the airways in the mouth.

Dental Supported Sleep
  • Go to bed around the same time regularly;

  • Try to not drink caffeinated beverages after 2pm;

  • Reduce blue light exposure at least an hour before bed;

  • Make sure your mattress and box spring are still good;

  • Keep your bedroom cool;

  • Try to relax before bed, and avoid thinking about tomorrow's worries;

  • Avoid having LED lights in your bedroom.

  • Make sure your mattress and box spring are still in good condition;

  • Avoid alcohol before bedtime;

  • Physically exercise during the day;

  • Take melatonin, in small doses, when needed;

  • Avoid long or irregular naps during the day.

Good Sleep Habits

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