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The body is a symphony of cellular interactions between organ systems. When inflammation is triggered somewhere in the body due to infection, allergy, stress, nutritional deficiency, pollution, or toxic substances, we inevitably have symptoms throughout the entire body. Our bodies do not become ‘sick’ or ‘well’ in one area - rather health is the optimal functioning and balance of our whole physical being.


Looked at from this perspective, oral health is a critical part of overall health. We choose the most biocompatible materials; we remove infection and decay; we restore chewing function and improve jaw function; we improve airway functioning and sleep; we use the least invasive and advanced techniques. All of this is with one goal: improve health throughout the body.

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Biologic takeaways

  • Treats the Whole Person

  • Uses the Safest Materials

  • Bio-Compatibility Testing

  • Minimally Invasive Dental Techniques

  • Mercury Safe

  • Provides Alternatives to Root Canals

  • Lowest Radiation Levels

  • Uses Natural Body Elements for Healing

  • Seeks to Educate Patients

  • Employs Technology Wisely

  • Promotes Natural Healing

  • Dentist is Open Minded about Your Concerns

  • Minimal X-rays

  • Patient Centered Care

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Read Mike's Tea Bag Tags of Wisdom by clicking on the Happy Tea Bag. Mike hands me these wise tea bag tags almost every day; and, I thought we all could benefit from the wisdom of the tea!





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Improving the health of the whole body through improved oral health may seem like it's asking too much, but once you see it, it makes sense. Preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry directly affect how we sleep, how we eat, what we eat, and even our peace of mind.


When we are tired because of non-restful sleep, the body is functioning at only a fraction of its potential. To try and catch up, the body craves high calorie foods, which of course tend to be the worst for your teeth. Those foods ultimately harm your health and your teeth. It is all a vicious cycle that sometimes goes a bit unseen even though it's right in the open. It does go unseen because you get used to it; it's just 'how you get through the day'. But we can help. You don't have to 'just get through the day', you can take control of the day.


Your smile is your greeting card to the world and your optimal oral health is your VIP pass to a healthier and longer life. We will work with you to make it yours!

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And, if you're curious why we call ourselves "Swiss" Biologic Dentistry, just click the flag to the left!

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