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by T. Adams (12.1.21)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

The Single Most Important Health Decision Of My Life!

1.5 years ago, the right side of my face began twitching.

At first it was just a twinge but as life got more stressful, the pull got stronger.

There were times when it was so intense that I could not focus or listen.
My entire face would pull up and to the right and would sometimes hold for a second or two.

Sometimes it would roll into several minutes of twitching.

What was annoying & embarrassing became be VERY concerning.

I didn't know what was going on and thought it was some form of trauma response to something I was unaware of.

Then one day in Network Spinal (energy chiropractic) Dr. Koichi saw the fillings in the top of my mouth and whispered to me, "I think its your mercury fillings, you might want to find a bio-dentist to remove them."

The moment he said it was like lightning had struck me.

I immediately knew it was the problem, 100%.

For as self-aware as I am, I felt a bit silly for not connecting the dots on my own.

This s*** was killing me since I was 9 years old!

Since I removed my fillings at a Swiss Biologic-Dentistry three weeks ago, which is very important because they specialize in these procedures to reduce mercury poisoning...

My health has never been better!

1) Facial tick has gone down by 80%
2) Gray hair over my temples is returning to its natural color. (I had no idea it was connected)
3) ADD & brain fog has plummeted massively
4) Pours of my face skin have gotten smaller
5) Never slept so well in my life, 95 sleep score on my Oura Ring
6) Vivid dreams
7) Happier, calmer, grounded and healthier than I've ever been!
8) Testosterone is rising
9) Meditations are deeper
10) My eye site is improving
11) My smell and tastes is improving
12) Life is WAY better

As for Dr. Amelia M. Ellingson, DMD, she's so sweet, so gentle and so scientifically knowledgeable. I don't like shots and I barely felt them. Almost no pain.

She also recommended oil pulling for good oral hygiene and considering that I know lots about this, I saw this as an act of love. Most dentists are in the business of making money and would never recommend oil pulling as a solution to being healthy. She cares more about her patients than making a buck and that is rare in this world.

She should be celebrated!

I give them ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ not just ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

PS: My mom had a great experience too!


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by M. Hawkins (12.19.21)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

This is more than a dental office. The vibe in this place is pure bliss! Dr. Amelia and her staff are simply the best! Very authentic and caring. Come see the different for yourself!

by J. Nitrio (11.18.21)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

My daughter and I have had the absolute best experience at Swiss Biologic Dentistry. While we prefer a more holistic approach to health, I would choose Dr. Amelia no matter what! Dr. Amelia and her dedicated staff are very committed to providing the best dental experience ever. I feel like the prices are fair. You don't feel rushed. Most importantly, treatment is never one size fits all! I originally took my daughter to Dr. Amelia for orthodontics as I didn't want her to go through palate expansion and braces. Instead, we went with the Myobrace which literally has been life changing for her. There is no discomfort unlike traditional orthodontics. But the results... WOW! In just a few months there was an obvious visible change in my daughter's jaw and teeth. Absolutely incredible! I can't say enough good things about Swiss Biologic Dentistry!

by P. Medley (2.16.21)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

I have nothing except good things to say about Swiss Biologic Dentistry. I have been a patient there for many years and I would not go to any other dentist. Dr. Amelia, and Dr. Butler before her, are exceptional and caring professionals. Linda, my hygienist, is thorough and gentle. I get excellent, preventive treatment there. And when I do need some work, they are careful to ensure that the materials they use do not cause me any allergic reactions. Their entire staff is friendly and welcoming -- particularly important in a dentist's office, where fear often overcomes the bravest of us, for some reason. When I go to my appointments, I may feel a bit apprehensive, but I know I'll be taken care of in the best way possible!

by S. Benedict (2.13.21)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

Dr Amelia is terrific. She is professional, efficient, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. She has a caring personality for life and for her patients. She is the only dentist I will see. I have been a patient in her office, and in Dr Lisa Butler's office since Dr Butler purchased the practice from Dr Lee. So, I have a long history with this holistic office. Prior to holistic dentistry, I had nothing but negative, unpleasant experiences. The dental hygienists, Linda, Katy are superior. Chris, Mike, Matt in the front office care for everyone walking into the office. Sally the mascot keeps everyone at ease. Holistic dentistry is the only way to go. They take into account, the entire body, not just a tooth issue. I highly recommend Dr Amelia and her staff!!!

by Paige (2.12.21)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

Whole staff was very friendly and polite, especially front desk! Very clean, and they took time to explain every procedure and make me feel comfortable.

by C. Lashutka (2.11.21)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

My family of 8 have been patients at this dentist office for 4 years. Their approach is holistic, educated and well informed. Dr. Amelia is professional and skilled, pleasant and relatable. The staff are a pleasure to speak with and make my kids feel comfortable and at ease. If you are looking for an office that is thoughtful, and authentically follows the biological model of dentistry, this is the place.

by N. Eaton-Shev (2.10.21)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

I recommend them as much as I possibly can. Everyone there is competent, kind and knowledgeable. Linda is the best teeth cleaner I've ever had and Dr. Amelia's work always makes me feel fantastic after she's done...I also want to say Mike the front office manager is very good at what he does and makes the whole process much easier. Of course then there's the mascot Sally....a very sweet dog...

by M. M. C. Sage (12.15.20)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

I can't recommend Swiss Biologic enough! I've been through such a struggle with my dental health, and after years of spending over $20,000 out of pocket and seeming to never get any better, I switched to a holistic dentist. Dr. Amelia has been fantastic. Her team and everyone at the office truly cares to ensure that you're not only getting treated, they offer insight and feedback into how alternate approaches even to root canals, that may help prevent further issues. Remedies that a regular dentist doesn't care to discuss. I feel like here, even though I've had some crown work done and issues with my gums, I have now been getting cleanings every 3-4 months and am for the first time coming out with no cavities! It has been the biggest relief and I can't thank the staff enough for supporting me in my journey. I truly trust their expertise and wisdom, and will keep coming back diligently! They also are my go to for my organic mouthwash supply - no thank you to chemical dyes and colors. They have the best tools to keep your oral health working properly. From an office perspective, I always receive prompt feedback, appointment reminders, wait time is almost not there at all. I love that I can go get my teeth cleaned and taken care of efficiently and holistically!

by B. Dean (10.15.20)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

I had a wonderful experience at the office. Everyone was kind and patient with me in dealing with my dental anxiety. I would highly recommend this office to anyone!!!

by S. and A. Branom (10.15.20)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

All of the staff at Swiss Biologic Dentistry are friendly, kind, and made the teeth cleaning experiences for my littles easy and fun! Such a peaceful atmosphere. Highly recommend!

by S. Bushell (10.12.20)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

I am thrilled I found this practice! Dr. Amelia is kind, compassionate and dedicated to dentistry that puts the patient’s health first. I can recommend Dr. Amelia and biological dentistry without reservation.

by L. Chlumsky (10.4.20)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

They are kind, clean, professional, and holistically focused dentistry with a great heart for dental health and treating the whole family in one place.

by B. Dean (9.24.20)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

I had a wonderful experience at the office. Everyone was kind and patient with me in dealing with my dental anxiety. I would highly recommend this office to anyone!!!

by L. Riccio (6.18.20)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

Very professional and excellent dental care

by N. Scanlon (6.16.20)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

Everyone at the office is so Knowledgeable helpful and respectful and there is always such a lovely energy about the office itself!

by Anonymous (6.16.20)

Review for Swiss Biologic Dentistry

Excellent service from highly skilled and very caring professionals

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