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Embrace the Wisdom of the Tea Bag Tag!

  • Your strength is shared when you are present for others.

  • Lift up others with your peaceful presence.

  • Trust is the question, Love is the solution.

  • Know that you are a child of the universe.

  • Accept who you are in this moment, but acknowledge who you want to become.

  • One who brings happiness to others, will find it.

  • The unknown is where all outcomes are possible; enter it with grace.

  • When your inner and outer world harmonize, your relationships do too.

  • Without gratitude, there is no prosperity.

  • When Sally's inner and outer worlds harmonize, your relationships do too.

  • Your potential self is infinite.

  • Compassion is the constant act of giving oneself to others.

  • Without the darkness, you would never know the light.

  • The essence of life is to communicate love.

  • Your greatest strength is love.

  • Your actions prove your greatness.

  • Trust is the question. Love is the solution.

  • The principal ingredient of life is love.

  • You can measure the love you bring to each day by the joy you experience in each moment.

  • May you create peaceful harmony as your life's purpose.

  • The only constant is change.

  • Love is the highest of all virtues.

  • Your actions prove your greatness.

  • Relate to your greatness and not to your weakness.

  • The way to get started is to quit taking and begin doing.

  • Uncage your heart, free your heart, let it be wild.

  • May this day be the day to lead us to peace, to happiness, and to joy.

  • Accept the challenge you are facing. It may become your greatest gift.

* Yes, Mike has actually put all of these tea bag tags on my desk.

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