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Technology in the dental profession advances quickly. Every day, our office is bombarded with ads for new products and new materials. How to make sense of it all? We do our research and we ask the experts, that’s how. Our technology is part of what makes your experience the best it can be.

There are two parts to every dental visit, there’s the experience with the actual visit from start to finish, and there is the lasting effect from the work that was done. We use the most up-to-date software to make everything from the scheduling to insurance submittals as effortless as possible. We have even tested out the chairs you will sit in to find the most comfortable ones.

Primescan Digital Scanner

One of the most uncomfortable parts of any dental patient experience has been the use of physical impression material to take either full arch impressions or just single tooth impressions. If you have ever had to sit back in the chair while the impression material gets pushed into your mouth, you’ll know how uncomfortable that can be.

This can be especially true when trying to take impressions of children. We have even had our assistant Kate get thrown up on (she won an award at the Christmas party for being a good sport about it though!).

Getting the most accurate impression of your teeth has been the most important thing and up until recently, digital scanners have lagged behind traditional impressions. But technology has caught up and surpassed traditional impressions in terms of accuracy.

Our scanner is simply the most precise scanner on the market today. It’s so advanced that it actually warms up the tip so that when it goes in your mouth, the scanning window doesn’t get clouded over.

If you have ever had second thoughts about getting dental work done because of a terrible experience with physical impressions, worry no more. We do still need to take physical impressions for temporary crowns, but that is about it!

Our handpieces, the most used tool in the dentist's toolbox, are by far the best in the industry. That matters because it gives the Dentist greater flexibility in working on your teeth which means less impact, less pain, and better results. These are also the smallest handpiece heads on the market so they are as comfortable in your mouth as possible while giving the dentist maximum access .

We are also meticulous when it comes to our extraction and implant protocols. To aid in your healing, we take your PRF (platelet rich fibrin) and use it at the extraction site. To maximize the amount of your high quality PRF, we use the most advanced centrifuge, the BIO PRF centrifuge. It was specifically created to create the highest quality PRF for you. If you are getting an implant, we only use Zeramax ceramic implants.

NOVA handpiece.png
BIO PRF centrifuge.jpg

As a biologic office, we only place ceramic implants. We have reviewed all competing ceramic implants, and we believe this is the finest one on the market. It has the best integration and is the most long lasting. We will continue to review any new ceramic implants that come on the market and will implement those into our practice as soon as we can.


And, as a biologic office, we heavily scrutinize all of the materials use in your treatment for the most advanced and biologically safe materials possible. Your mouth is always with you, so what goes in it is extremely important to us; we know it is important to you too!

We want you to be healthy and to feel healthy. That includes while you are in our office of course. So to make sure you feel better, we have three top-of-the-line air purifiers located around the office. Our Mila air purifiers are constantly monitoring the air quality in the office and adjusting the speed of their purifications. We also paid extra to get their top-level filter. It’s an H14 HEPA filter that is capable of filtering out the finest of fine particles. Breathe better; feel better!

mila air purifier.png
Planmeca CBCT machine.JPG

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our x-ray system is a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) machine which gives our Dentists unparalleled clarity into what is happening with your teeth. While nobody wants an x-ray, what you really don't want is to have to take more x-rays's because the dentist can't read them. The CBCT images are crucial to achieve the results you need.

We take no shortcuts because those require sacrifices that this office is not willing to make. If you have any questions or suggestions, just email any time.

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